Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, lovers on the small screen

Hollywood actors Michael Douglas and Matt Damon will play the role of two famous lovers in the upcoming HBO series “Behind the Candelabra”. The movie is inspired by Scott Thornton’s book, which tells the love story between Liberace and Thornton.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, two big Hollywood actors will star together for the first time in an upcoming HBO series. Matt Damon and Michael Douglas have joined forces to bring a story to life.  The movie, “Behind the Candelabra” tells the story of the taboo romantic relationship of the “flamboyant pianist” Liberace with his younger partner, Scott Thornton. The movie has been planned for years. Director Steven Soderbergh has started working on the project a while ago.

“This is a story that’s going to surprise a lot of people”, stated Len Amato, the president of HBO Films. “It’s funny, heartbreaking and always fascinating, and we are delighted that Jerry and Steven brought the film to HBO.” He added that with “such accomplished actors” in the cast and with the talented director on board, “Behind the Candelabra “a dream project”. On the other hand, Steven Soderbergh says that the HBO Films involvement in this project was just perfect. He explained that “HBO’s fearless approach to original programming and their unparalleled ability to pull in viewers make them the perfect fit for us”.

Producer Jerry Weintraub told Los Angeles Times a couple of days ago that he knew Liberace when he was a child and was entertained by the kitschy performer in the 50s. He compares the musician with Elton John and Lady Gaga, stating that he was their first version.

Even though the two actors star together for the first time, they both had experience in working with director Soderbergh. Michael Douglas’s “Traffic”, was directed by him and Matt Damon teamed up with Soderbergh in several movies, including the Ocean’s franchise, “The Informant” and the latest “Contagion”.

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