Michael Buble’s Son is Doing Well

Luckily, Michael Buble’s son is doing well now. Michael’s wife, Luisana, talked about the condition of her son during a press conference. She said that Noah is in recovery mode now. Noah is only three years old and he has been battling liver cancer.

This was actually the first time when Luisana talked about the health of her son and she surely had some good news to share. Noah is in remission after battling liver cancer. The star made the revelation during a press conference for her new movie, Those Who Love, Hate.

“It’s difficult for me to speak about this, it’s very recent and I’m still a bit sensitive about the subject,” Luisana said. “My son’s recovery is a long process as you all know and he has to continue with checkups. But we are very happy. We are looking forward to thinking about the future, to seeing our children grow,” she went on to add.

“Thank God my son is well,” she said. “When things like those that happened to us occur, your take on life changes,” she added. Luisana also made an emotional statement by saying that this struggle has made her value “life much more, the now and the today.” Luisana also thanked everyone for their support and prayers and claimed that because of this support she and her family were able to get through everything.

Luisana also revealed that she got strength from her religious believes. “My faith in the fact God had a miracle helped me. I became strong so my son would get better. I transmitted that to all my friends and family,” she said.

And she is definitely sharing some amazing news for her family and the little Noah. Luisana and Michael revealed back in November 2016 that their son was diagnosed with cancer and that he was undergoing treatment.

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