Miami Heat stops Knicks’ ‘Linsanity’

Miami Heat managed to put a stop to the New York Knicks’ phenomenon called ‘Linsanity’ on Thursday as the All-Star laden team nailed a 102-88 victory. Lin had a hard time resisting the Miami Heat’s pressure and he was unable to perform his usual pick-and-roll game that helped the Knicks win nine games out of 11.

Lin has had very good results in the 11 games he played so far. He scored 24 points and nine assists, but Miami Heat was better prepared and they won the Thursday game. This was one of the best years for the Miami players as they registered the highest mid-season winning percentage.

All Heat players were very active during the game, but the ‘Big Three’ brought the biggest contributions. Chris Bosh scored 25 points, whereas Dwyane Wade added 22. LeBron James had, like usual, an outstanding performance because he scored 20 points with nine rebounds, eight assists and five steals.

Lin did not benefit of the fans’ support; he was booed during his first touch and the opponents often took advantage of his unflavored left sign. Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni told reporters that the Miami Heat was prepared to face the ‘Linsanity’ and they, eventually, managed to stop him. He further stated that it is hard for Lin to live up to expectations during every game, but the team will support him and he will have better performances in the future. D’Antoni explained Lin’s weak game by saying that he had a bad day.

Lin, on the other hand, admitted that this was probably one of the most difficult games he ever had to play. The Miami Heat players are known for their athletic skills and speed, so Lin faced some problems even when he tried to take dribbles. Despite this, the Asian player will consider the Thursday game as a learning experience. He reassured everyone that he doesn’t regret the score because he did everything he could to win the game, but he will definitely look at what he did wrong in order to improve his game.

Meanwhile, Miami is close to being declared an invincible team thanks to the deals they signed with Bosh and James. The latter stated in a previous interview that the Heat managed to win so many games thanks to their defense.

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