Miami Gets NBA Title

After intensive work, LeBron James and his colleagues at Miami Heat managed to steal the NBA title from Oklahoma rivals. The players were stronger than the Thunder as they managed to end the Thursday game with an impressive 121-106 score, says Reuters.

Miami Heat is the winner of the NBA title after LeBron James cut a shine on the basketball court. The Oklahoma City Thunder couldn’t keep up with him and the basketball player posted a triple-double with 26 points, 11 rebounds and scored a game-high 13 assists. He was active throughout the whole game and helped his team to end the Thursday competition with a whopping 121-106 score. He was named the Most Valuable Player of the season after the NBA trophy was handed to Miami.

James was over the moon at the end of the game. He jumped and waved his fans at the American Airlines Arena while the organizers of the show were handing him the MVP award. Although he did everything to win the competition, James was still surprised that Miami got the trophy. He confessed in an interview that the NBA title means everything to him and that it was the happiest day of his life.

LeBron might have been the superstar of the evening, but he was, nevertheless, helped by his team mates, who made just as many efforts as he did to take the trophy home. The majority of the Heat players scored double figures, including Chris Bosh with 24 and Mike Miller with 23.

Thunder coach Scott Brooks proved he is a man who knows how to lose. He congratulated the Miami Heat at the end of the game and told the press that they did a fantastic job during the Thursday game. Brooks was satisfied with his players’ performance. In his opinion, Oklahoma lost the title because they met an opponent that was hard to beat and not because they were not well-prepared. Durant was not as relaxed as his coach. He had hoped Thunder would win the championship and he was very sad to leave the competition without the trophy.

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