Mexican President Wants A New Name For Mexico

You might not know this, but Mexico isn’t the official name of the country known as Mexico. The official name is Mexican United States and President Felipe Calderon wants a new name for Mexico, separate from any American influence.

In 1821, when Mexico won its independence from Spain, the official name of the country became the Mexican United States. Mexican leaders who came up with the name back then were inspired by the American independence movement and since the country was in fact made of several states, the Mexican United States seemed like a legit choice.

In the meanwhile, people have been using the name Mexico, although it isn’t the official one. Even now, only Mexican officials and diplomats are using the Mexican United States name and that’s mostly in official documents and diplomatic meetings. The Mexican President Felipe Calderon wants to change that and make Mexico the official name of the country, just several days before the end of his term in office.

“It’s time that we Mexicans retake the beauty and simplicity of our motherland’s name: Mexico” said President Felipe Calderon. “It’s a name that we use when chanting or singing, a name that identifies us throughout the world and that makes us proud” he added. “Mexico doesn’t need a name that emulates another country and that no one uses on a daily basis” the Mexican President explained.

Unlike the Mexican United States name, Mexico is a word with a long history and a huge significance. Aztecs were the first to use the word Mexico. They were also the founders of the city that over the years it became Mexico City.

Enrique Pena Nieto, the new president of Mexico, will take over the office this December 1. For the moment being it’s still uncertain whether the Mexican Congress will be able to pass the legislation to change the name of Mexico…into Mexico before the new president takes office.

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