Metta World Peace Receives 7-Game Ban For Elbow Incident

The National Basketball Association has decided that Metta World Peace needs to receive a 7-game suspension for the elbow incident he caused on Sunday. The player was ejected because the Oklahoma City Thunder guard was severely injured to the head and was unable to continue the game.

NBA Commissioner David Stern agreed to speak with the press after carefully analyzing the images of the Sunday game. He told reporters that the injuries that James Harden suffered prove that such violent acts like the ones performed by World Peace can be very dangerous, especially those that are directed to the head area. As a consequence, the National Basketball Association is determined to prevent such events from taking place in the future by adopting increasingly tougher rules against rebellious players.

Despite changing his name from Ron Artest to Metta World Peace, the Los Angeles player is not as peaceful as you might expect. He has been suspended 13 times in his entire career of 111 games. Given his on-court altercations, NBA decided to sanction him, so World Peace will not be able to play in the following seven games. The Association concluded that similar penalties will be imposed from now on for players who get violent on court.

The Lakers tried to defend their team mate by telling reporters that he has always been a model citizen both on and off the court. The team further stated that they never had any problems with him since he joined Los Angeles in 2009. Even so, the players admitted that World Peace’s behavior on Sunday was unacceptable.

Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak was very disappointed by Metta’s reaction. He didn’t challenge the decision of the Association because he acknowledged that James Harden could have been seriously injured in the incident. Moreover, Kupchak was upset that Metta did not think about the harm he would do to his team when he acted the way he did. In the end, he declared that the team accepts the NBA’s decision, but they will try to support their colleague by teaching him to behave professionally on court.

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