Mercedes to Recall 39,000 Vehicles on Steering Fault

Only yesterday Nissan announced the recall of some of its cars on a potential defect that can turn out being dangerous for owners. Now, Mercedes has entered the list of car makers to announce a recall this week. 

The famous car maker revealed that they are recalling 39,000 C-Class Sedans due to a steering system fault. This could be dangerous in certain situations, as the defect can make turning difficult. Mercedes discovered the problem in two vehicles in Europe in September. The defect can cause steering wheels to squeak. 

The issue affected no less than 28,500 C-Class sedans in Germany, as well as more than 10,500 cars in the United States. The revelations were made by the Mercedes headquarters based in Stuttgart, Germany. Reps for Mercedes claimed that the company is not aware of accidents or injuries linked to this defect. 

The C-Class is one of the best-selling Mercedes models at the moment. The company has yet to reveal the total number of the cars affected globally. However, the car marker will notify all owners on the need to have certain repairs made to their vehicles. The famous car maker has already notified German owners to bring their vehicles in for a check. It has been revealed that this check takes about 30 minutes for each car. 

A rep for the manufacturing plan of Mercedes in the United States claimed that there is no reason to “think our vehicles have this problem.” However, safety comes first and it seems that Mercedes is determined to make sure that its cars are going to be as safe as possible. Naturally, all the needed repairs will be made by Mercedes free of costs. 

The C-Class model was introduced on the market in the United States at the end of August. In September, the brand registered great sales, a growth of 11 percent. The success of the brand made Mercedes claim that they will launch no less than 11 new models by 2020. It is yet to discover what Mercedes plans on releasing, but without a doubt, it will manage to impress. 

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