Mercedes to Recall 284,000 Cars for Lights Issue

Apparently, all car makers trace certain problems in their vehicles. After the huge scandal involving General Motors, a series of car makers have announced recalls of their vehicles linked to various problems. Mercedes was just the last on this list, announcing the recall of more than 284,000 cars for a light issue. 

The famous company announced that they will recall all these cars with the purpose to repair the lights problem. Apparently, more than 284,000 vehicles, which have been recalled in the United States and Canada, have an issue which might cause the rear lights to fail. 

In the vehicles recalled now are included C300, C350, C63 AMG cars, here being listed models between 2008 and 2011. Mercedes seems to be extremely interesting in repairing this problem and making sure that all their vehicles are working perfectly. 

As the problem can make the rear turn lights fail or dim, this might turn out being a serious problem. So, the issue with the lights can make the vehicles less visible to other drivers, which means that the risk of severe accidents can grow amazingly. Apparently, this is exactly what Mercedes is planning on avoiding, this is why they will recall all the cars that might be affected. 

The number of cars affected by this problem in the United States is 253,000, while an additional number of vehicles is now recalled in Canada, 31,000 cars. A spokesman for Mercedes claimed that some of their vehicles from other countries might have the issue, too, but they cannot reveal for now the exact number. 

As expected, the repairs will be made by Mercedes with absolutely no costs for owners. The famous car maker has already announced the US National Highway Traffic Safety, as the procedure in such cases requires. The administration revealed that dealers will fix the issue, but replacement parts will only be available most likely in August or even September. 

Until now, there were no reports of severe accidents linked to this issue. There were no injuries reported, either. However, the car maker claimed that in certain cases, the issue might turn out being dangerous, as it can sometimes even lead to accidents. 

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