Mercedes-Benz Enjoys Great Sales in China

Luxury automobile maker Mercedes-Benz enjoyed great sales this year. Actually, what increased sales in a spectacular way was in fact the success that the popular automaker obtained on the Chinese market. 

So, sales grew with no less than 13 percent all around the world. Demand for Mercedes-Benz cars has grown amazingly in China between the months of January and June. Compared to the sales registered by the company last year, in June 2014, Mercedes-Benz sold more than 142, 136 vehicles. In fact, the great sales may actually make this year the best for Mercedes in a while. 

China and other Asian markets are the places where Mercedes-Benz has registered the largest growth. Here, sales grew up to 38 percent in the first half of 2014. Statistics reveal that this actually represents no less than 17 percent of the company’s worldwide sales. If in China the sales for Mercedes have been great, we cannot say the same thing about Japan. 

Japan actually is one of the few countries in this area which have registered a drop in the sales of Mercedes-Benz. Here, sales dropped with no less than 27 percent in June. However, overall in 2014, Mercedes enjoyed a growth on this market, too, in the first half of the year. On the other hand, in the Western world, the growth was not close to what Mercedes expected. 

For instance, in Germany, where the company’s headquarter is located, sales were quite disappointing. So, on the home market of the famous car maker, sales were almost flat during the first six months of the year. In Germany, the growth was only of 0.7 percent. Overall, in Europe, sales increased for the popular automaker with 7.4 percent. 

Naturally, the United States remains the biggest single market for Mercedes-Benz. In the US, sales grew with about 7 percent. Having under consideration its success, there is no wonder that Mercedes has some interesting plans for the future. It is said that a new C-class Sedan will debut during the fall. The starting price for this car is said to be around $36,000. 

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