Men Who Had ADHD As Kids Will Struggle In Relationships

A new study shows that kids with ADHD will have a harder time at school, keeping a job and saving their marriage. Researchers also found that men who had ADHD as kids will struggle in relationships, being predisposed to higher rates of divorce and substance abuse.

The longest follow-up study of ADHD presented its findings in the Archives of General Psychiatry. 135 while men diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder as children or ADHD today, were followed since the 1970s. Whereas most of them managed to win over the hurdles, a small category was overwhelmed by problems in school, keeping a job and even a relationship.

The study gives a portion of an answer many have looked for the past three decades. At the moment there are 5.4 million children diagnosed with ADHD in the United States and the worry is how they will do as adults. Will ADHD make their life as adults harder, will they be able to have a family, keep a job?

“A lot of them do fine, but there is a small proportion that is in a great deal of difficulty” said Rachel Klein, professor at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York. “They go to jail, they get hospitalized”, in a nutshell, men who were diagnosed with ADHD as kids have a much harder time figuring out the issues of an adult.

“The most salient issue is that if a boy develops serious difficulties in adolescence, having ADHD in childhood he’s at a greater risk to continue to have significant problems throughout life” the professor of child and adolescent psychiatry explained. “That means being more likely to have lower-level jobs, being hospitalized more often, having more accidents, being in trouble with the law, going to jail and dying” researcher Rachel Klein added.

Socially speaking, men who were diagnosed with ADHD in their childhood years presented a higher rate of divorce. Men with ADHD in relationships could be more than what a woman would like to bargain for. Symptoms of ADHD such as impulsivity, forgetfulness and lack of attention could easily lead the partner into ending the relationship.

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