Men Should Eat Walnuts Daily

Men should eat a fistful of walnuts daily and not only as part of a healthy diet. New study results indicate that 75 grams of walnuts a day means better sperm quality and thus improved fertility.

Couples trying to conceive probably had their share of unconventional ways of cheating the chance with all sorts of fertility boosters. A new study shows that men who eat walnuts daily have more chances at conceiving, as their sperm quality improves. The rich fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 found in walnuts are said to be the miracle-workers.

“Walnuts provide a particularly rich source of a-linolenicacid, a natural plant source of omega-3, which we suspect may have been responsible for the improvements we observed”, stated for BBC co-author Catherine Carpenter, from the UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition.

The research team from UCLA Fielding School of Public Health recruited 117 young men aged 21 to 35 for the study. They took sperm samples at the beginning and the end of the research. The men were divided into two groups, one of which had walnuts added to their diet. Aside from that, the males just ate typical western food. After 12 weeks, scientists concluded that a walnut diet increases sperm quality.

“We found a significant improvement in sperm parameters in the group that consumed the walnuts,” said Wendie Robbins, an UCLA professor and lead author of the study for CBS. “The men who ate no tree nuts saw no change” the researcher said, assuring everyone that the fertility change was not random.

The sperm of men eating walnuts on a daily basis, showed improvements in concentration, mobility and vitality. Walnuts also helped the young men lower their sperm’s chromosomal abnormalities. It seems these improvements are due to the nuts’ high fatty acid concentration.

With one in six couples struggling to conceive and 40% of the cases the problem is poor semen quality, eating some walnuts daily doesn’t seem like much of a bother. Sure, to the more than 70 million couples dealing with subfertility and infertility, eating walnuts isn’t the sole answer. But at least it opens new therapy opportunities.

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