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Melissa McCarhty slimmed down for GQ Magazine

Actress Melissa McCarthy, whom you can see in “The Bridesmaids” has slimmed down for a photo shooting for GQ magazine. She practically lost the weight in a matter of moments when putting on a T-shirt with a picture of a national bikini swimsuit perfect toned slim body, the Daily Mail reports

Melissa McCarthy does not think bad about her weight. More than that, she is able to joke about it. The comedy actress, whom we know from The Gilmore Girls series and whom we can follow in her latest big screen performance, The Bridesmaids, appeared in the American edition of GQ magazine wearing a funny outfit. She posed in a short sleeved T-shirt that features a slim woman’s body wearing a swimsuit featuring the flag of the United States – stars and stripes. Her hair is red, as we know it, but it is visibly shortened. Wearing a chopped off haircut and eating from a bag of almonds, with her back against the wall, the actress shows off a more rebellious side and at the same time she keeps her sense of humor untouched. Everyone can see that Melissa has no problem with the way she looks. And she transmits that to every character that she plays.

The latest example is her character in the recent movie, the Bridesmaids. She plays Megan, an unattractive woman, the sister of the groom, who joins the group of bridesmaids. But nowhere during the movie have we seen her stepping out of the game because of her looks. Event though she seems pretty aware of her size, she is comfortable with her looks and enjoys life just the way it is. Melissa told GQ that she fet attracted to Megan since the first time she read the script. “I read the script and had such a weird, fast reaction to Megan,” McCarthy explained.. “I knew exactly what I wanted her to look like, to sound like, and I got an intense feeling of “I like her so much! This will never work out!” So she decided to embody the character from the first time she auditioned for it. “For the audition, I wore no makeup and a bad pant. Once I look like the character, it really locks me in, even if people sometimes say, “We need you not to be repulsive”, she jokes.
Eve though her character was criticized by Overeaters Anonymous for making fun of fat people, the creator of the movie, Chuck Lorre, who also created Two And A Half Men, said he never intended to make-up a story about Overeaters Anonymous. “It’s just a show about people with problems,” Lorre said,  “which I think is the reason I wanted to do a show like this, was to get real people back on TV, because problems are usually what comedy is built around.”

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