Melania Trump Doesn’t Like to be a First Lady

Melania Trump has definitely kept the media attention lately. The First Lady, the wife of US President Donald Trump, is said to be quite unhappy with her new role. It has recently been reported that Melania is struggling with her new role, since she has never been in such a position before.

The news was reported by Us Weekly, which claimed that Melania is quite unhappy with her life now. Furthermore, the report indicated that Melania is not ready for all the responsibilities that come with being the First Lady of the United States. The claims were actually made by a friend of the First Lady, stylist Philip Bloch, who talked to Us Weekly about Melania’s feelings towards her new life.

“This life wasn’t her dream. It was Donald [Donald Trump]’s,” Philip Bloch claimed. “Truthfully, it’s a lot to cope with.” Bloch also claimed that Melania was quite affected by the fact that she was impersonated by Gigi Hadid during the American Music Awards. A Melania friend also said that she is not used to being so exposed to public backlashes and it is quite difficult for her to get used to this.

However, this may not be all. Melania was also affected by the fact that she was accused of trying to get money from the Daily Mail after she filed a lawsuit against the tabloid. Melania sued the Daily Mail following the publishing of a false story about her. The story was published in August 2016 and claimed that Melania used to work as an escort. The site later decided to retract the story and issued an apology.

However, Melania claimed that this affected her business and her image, but she was later accused of using her public position to get money from the Daily Mail. “Melania is unhappy with how her life ended up. She is miserable,” an alleged family friend also said. Well, this may actually be the reason why Melania is spending most of her time in her apartment and avoids going out too much. She remained in New York with her son.

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