Mel Gibson’s Stepmother Seeks Stay-Away Order

Mel Gibson’s anger management problems continue as the actor’s stepmother requested a stay-away order from the court. According to her declaration, Gibson used verbal violence during some of their previous altercations, says The Associated Press.

Teddy Gibson has been married with John Gibson, the actor’s father, since 2001. The two are currently involved in a difficult divorce process and the “Braveheart” star has reportedly lost his temper when he was in company of the elderly woman. Teddy fears she could be in danger; therefore, she requested a restraining order against Mel Gibson. The hearing was set for July 25.

Based on the information provided by the court papers, the 78-year-old woman has fallen victim to Mel Gibson’s aggression many times before. The actor has even committed acts of domestic violence towards his stepmother. During their last argument, the 56-year-old star started screaming at Teddy because she didn’t agree with the medical treatment that he chose for his 93-year-old father.

Teddy further explained that she wouldn’t have filed for a stay-away order if it hadn’t been for the misunderstandings between her and her husband, John. According to her, John filed for divorce citing irreconcilable difference, but Teddy would like to know the real reason behind their separation. She claims she can’t talk with her husband because she is afraid that Mel Gibson, who is constantly at his side, would hurt her. Teddy wants to make sure that John was not influenced by Mel in filing the divorce papers.

The press contacted the actor, but he was unavailable for further comments. However, those who have been in Mel’s company in the past years claim that he has serious anger management problems. Everything started in 2006 when a California police officer arrested the actor for driving under the influence. The entire situation degenerated when Mel Gibson used racist words against the police officer.

His reputation was further damaged in 2011 when his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva showed the threatening and offending phone messages she received from her ex. During their battle for custody, the actor confessed that he slapped Grigorieva on repeated occasions.

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