Mel Gibson Gets Into Another Squabble With Paparazzi

Mel Gibson is famous for his public outbursts, so his last outing with daughter, Lucia was no different than the others. The actor got involved into another squabble with a group of paparazzi when he discovered that they were taking pictures of him, according to Us Weekly.

Mel Gibson has a quick temper and he doesn’t plan to do anything about it. The actor has been severely criticized by the majority of his associates and co-workers, by his ex-wife, Robyn and by his step mother, Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson. New reports come to confirm the fact that the otherwise charming actor tends to be aggressive with people around him.

On Monday, Gibson was out to get some ice cream with his 2-year-old daughter, Lucia at the Malibu Yogurt and Ice Cream. The “Passion of the Christ” director noticed that paparazzi were snapping photos of them through the windows of the store, so he went outside to have a word with them, while Lucia stayed inside with her nanny. Visibly irritated, the actor headed towards the photographers and warned them not to take any more pictures of his daughter. Despite his anger, Mel managed to withhold his fury, so he quickly put an end to the squabble returning to his youngest daughter.

Lucia, seemed to enjoy his father’s presence, even though the tension was definitely floating in the air. The girl continued to devour her chocolate ice cream irrespective of what was going on around her.

Lucia Gibson is the daughter of Mel and his recent partner, Oksana Grigorieva. The two fought over the custody of the little one and even offended each other on numerous occasions. A settlement was reached last year, according to which, the Russian woman was supposed to receive $750,000 from the actor, whereas her daughter Lucia would have the same rights at Mel’s seven children from the first marriage.

Those days are long gone as the 56-year-old actor has found a new love. He was seen in company of Nadia Lanfranconi who is an aspiring singer of Italian origins.

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