Meghan Markle Planning to Become a Mom?

It seems that Meghan Markle wants to become a mom in the near future. It has been claimed that the famous actress and Prince Harry could become parents even before getting married. This is not the first time when such rumors have emerged.

So, now it has also been said that Meghan might be a pregnant bride when she and Harry will be getting married. OK! magazine reported that actually the baby might even be on the way. Furthermore, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are talking about marriage and this means that at the time of the wedding Meghan could be pregnant.

The report claimed that Meghan and Harry don’t want to wait too much to become parents and will be having children in the near future. “But they do prefer to get married first, which means putting off babies for at least a year,” a source explained. The insider also said that Meghan is worried about her age and the prospect of having children in the future. She is 35 years old. “She’s worried that, at her age, even the short delay could complicate things,” the source clarified.

And this is not the only report on this subject. A report from Life & Style actually claimed that people close to the popular actress were wondering if Meghan wasn’t already pregnant, as her recent actions might indicate something like that was happening.

“Meghan’s friends are speculating that she’s pregnant because she’s avoiding alcohol and has been complaining about feeling nauseous over recent weeks,” one insider said. The same source went on to explain that Meghan has decided to stay away from the attention lately and is “barely leaving the house.”

Well, Meghan will definitely be seen in public in the near future, as the star will surely make an appearance at the wedding of Pippa Middleton, in the company of Prince Harry. None of these claims has been confirmed at this point.

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