Meghan Markle Doesn’t want to be compared with Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle does not like to be compared to Kate Middleton. In fact, a new report has claimed that she is afraid that she will constantly be compared to Kate after she and Prince Harry will get married. Some new reports have claimed that Meghan and Harry will wed in the near future.

Well, Life & Style reported that although she might marry Harry, Meghan fears that people will start comparing her with Kate and this is not something that she wants. Furthermore, the report claimed that Meghan wants to stay true to herself and she doesn’t plan on changing who she is although she might become Harry’s wife.

The new report claimed that she actually made things very clear to Harry. “Meghan has told Harry that she doesn’t want to be like Kate,” a source explained according to the celebrity site. “She wants to keep hold of her identity,” the same insider added. However, this might not be the only fear that Meghan has when it comes to her upcoming union with Harry. Allegedly, the star is also afraid that she will be alone in the UK, while her whole family will remain in the US.

“Her entire family is in California,” the source revealed. “And her close friends are in Toronto [where ‘Suits’ is filmed],” it added. However, the love that she has for Harry might help Meghan overcome all these fears. The famous actress is said to be dealing fine with everything after all, and her friends are sure the relationship will be fine.

“Harry’s playing it smart. He’s being supportive while telling Meghan about the platform they would have to help millions of people around the world,” a source said. “Meghan is absolutely in love with Harry and wants to have a life with him. Friends of the couple are sure love will win.” Meghan is allegedly worried that marrying Harry will also mean the end of her acting career and this is something that she does not want to happen.

The actress is said to be willing to still work on some movies, as this is something she has worked for her whole life. Of course, it would not be easy to give everything up.

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