Meghan Markle Allegedly Pregnant with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been a couple for more than a year now and things seem to be going very well between the two. Some rumors have claimed that the two are planning their wedding, but others went even further and said that Harry and Meghan are actually going to have a child together.

So, according to the latest rumors, Meghan is pregnant with Prince Harry’s first child. The baby news were first reported by OK! Magazine, which claimed that Meghan is actually three months pregnant and she is very happy with the news. In fact, the insider claimed that Meghan and Harry can’t wait to have a child together and start a family.

“It’s unexpected to say the least–to have a baby out of wedlock would risk creating quite a scandal for the royal family–but Harry and Meghan are eager to build a family together,” the source explained. “The sooner the better,” the same insider went on to add. The source explained that Harry “couldn’t be happier” with the baby news, although this might mean that the royal family is going to get a lot of spotlight.

The same report claimed that Harry and Meghan don’t plan on hiding, so the two have already told Queen Elizabeth about their baby plans. “Supposedly, she didn’t mince words and told them it was ‘a most unfortunate situation.’ But she’ll always support them,” the insider said. “Now, it’s up to her to consult with royal advisers about how to handle such a shocking development–and what it may mean for a wedding date,” the same source added.

Well, the rumor has not been officially confirmed or denied for the moment. However, what seems to happen in the near future, is that Meghan and Harry will officially announce their engagement. It has been claimed that the engagement will be announced just like other similar events in the royal family. Reportedly, Meghan will be soon permanently moving to London. She is expected to make this step after she will be done filming for the newest season of Suits.

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