Meghan King met her husband Cuffe Owens through an online Dating App

It was like a click. Meghan King shared her thoughts on how she and her husband Cuffe Owens were in love and it seems like they clicked immediately.

“We connected on a dating app, texted for a day or two, then spent five straight hours on the phone the first time we spoke,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alumni, who is 37, shared with Brides during an interview, which was published on October 11, Monday. “By the time the conversation concluded, Cuffe was booked and ready for a flight from St. Louis that took approximately eight hours. Within one week after that, we were in the East Coast, meeting his family and beginning to think about our future together. We didn’t ever leave one another’s side for a long time.”

The reality TV star and lawyer who is 42 got married on Monday, in a intimate ceremony held at the residence of groom’s parents Jack Owens and Valerie Owens. Valerie 75 is the mother of the president Joe Biden, who attended the wedding.

The wedding did come as an unexpected surprise to her followers, she informed Brides that the couple had decided at a very early stage that they would like to be married on the 11th of October. It is also Cuffe’s parents’ anniversary of marriage and this year it coincided with the federal holiday that marks Indigenous Peoples’ Day as well as Columbus Day in the United States.

“We toyed around with an L.A. wedding — at an estate or venue or something — but the truth is it never felt right to either one of us,” the reality TV star said. “When we were aware it was Cuffe’s parents’ anniversary of marriage which was on the 11th of Octoberit was a holiday Monday We both knew the things we would do and where we wanted to go and the best way to carry it out. It’s an amazing thing to be able to communicate with our fellow travelers as we go about our daily lives.”

A former “Intimate Knowledge” podcast cohost revealed her relationship this month. “Trying my best to avoid any cheesy introductions like ‘my main squeeze’ … so just meet my man,” she posted on Instagram on September 25 , along with the photo of her and Cuffe.

Although the relationship progressed fast, King claimed that her husband knew her tastes sufficiently to assist her in choosing the wedding dress.

“I bought thousands of dollars worth of dresses online — everything from traditional gowns to cocktail dresses off the rack,” she stated to Brides. “And in a departure from the norm I put all of dresses on to Cuffe to test. We both got involved in the expectations of what was expected of a dress, when I was deciding to wear something that felt the most like me.'”

King was previously married twice. The model’s former husband was married to lawyer Brad McDill from 2007 to the year 2011. She got married to Jim Edmonds in 2014, however, the couple decided to call their engagement in 2019. They have a daughter together, Aspen four, as well as twins Hart and Hayes three.

Via US Magazine

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