Megan Fox Shows Off Baby Bump

Just Jared is the first publication that managed to get a photo of Megan Fox showing off her small baby bump during a walk in Los Angeles. The 26-year-old actress has denied all the previous suppositions that the media has made in relation to her being pregnant, but reporters claim they caught Megan red-handed.

Many rumors have been made in relation to Megan Fox’s possible pregnancy at the beginning of May, but the actress and her husband refused to make any statements. Fox’s reps stopped an interview for “Entertainment Tonight” when the press asked questions about a possible pregnancy. Actor Brian Austin Green, Megan’s husband of two years refused to discuss the subject with the press. He told People magazine that similar rumors have been frequently spread ever since the two tied the knot in 2010.

Despite their attempt to keep the pregnancy private, sources claim that Megan is indeed expecting her first baby. In fact, close friends have stated that the actress is going to have a girl. The recent photo in which Megan Fox appears to have a baby bump was published by Just Jared to prove that their claims are true.

In the image, the 26-year-old actress is dressed with a black comfortable outfit and is covered with a see-through cardigan. Fox seems to be resting her hand on the baby bump, but it may be just an optical illusion. At a closer look, Megan appears to be pulling the collar of the cardigan, thus, giving the impression that she has a baby bump. Yet, this is just an interpretation; reporters who have been closer to the actress might have gotten a better view.

Fox has always declared that she is very maternal, despite her rebellious attitude. In fact, she wants to have two or three children and she is afraid that she won’t be able to have as many kids as she wants to. The irony is, according to the actress, that people who don’t want kids “end up having 50 of them”, whereas maternal women like her have none.

What do you think about the picture? Does Megan Fox look pregnant to you?

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