Megan Fox Says that Ellen DeGeneres is Sexy

Megan Fox is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in the world. Megan is a sexy Hollywood star and it actually is extremely hard to believe that she is mother of two. However, despite the fact that she looks amazing, Megan says that the one who is hot is actually Ellen DeGeneres. 

Megan Fox is mom to Bodhi, who is just 4 months old, and to Noah, who is going to turn 2 this fall. The Hollywood actress stars in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and she actually managed to achieve a great performance. The 28 years old star was also featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine for its August issue. Well, Megan surely not looks as a woman who has recently given birth. The star looks absolutely amazing. 

However, when being asked what is sexy, the star claimed that “Ellen is sexy.” “Maybe it’s the way she gives off the impression that she’s anti-‘the business’ even though she’s engaging in it. And humor is always sexy,” the famous actress explained. 

The beautiful star also explained that when she was a teenager she actually believed that Cosmo was a big deal. “I remember I used to think it was a big deal, when I was like 15, 16, and I knew that Cosmo was something my mom probably didn’t want me to read, and so it was exciting to get a hold of it because you felt like you were getting a glimpse behind what it was to be a woman…They’re letting you in on womanly secrets,” Megan Fox claimed. 

Megan Fox is now married to Brian Austin Green. The couple wedded in 2010 and they seem extremely happy together. The two are happy parents, having a really beautiful family. Well, if you are a fan of the actress and you want to discover more of what she shared, you can naturally find the entire interview on the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. This new issue of the famous magazine will hit stands on July 8. 

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