Megan Fox Debuts Icy Silver Hair -Fans say she looks like Kim Kardashian

Doppelganger alert! Megan Fox has ditched her glossy black hair in favor of a more vibrant shade that is making fans freak out — and with reasons that are legitimate. The change in her hairstyle looks a heck of a lot like Kim Kardashian circa 2017.

The 35-year-old actress posted a photo on Instagram on Tuesday, October 8 to showcase her new color. She’s wearing it in her role of a criminal boss named Alana as part of Johnny and Clyde.

“This is how the daughter of the devil looks like. #JohnnyAndClyde. In the Spring of 2022.” she captioned her selfie and tagged stylist Miles Jeffries and makeup artist Clarissa Luna.

Since the brunette beauty has gained a lot of attention for her gorgeous locks, it’s not a surprise that the fans went wild in the comments. Although there was a fair portion of talk about how stunning Fox was looking in an icy color, a lot people could not get over the fact that her style change makes her look like that 40-year old Skims founder.

Kim changed her hair color to white at the time, with the help of her her stylist of choice Chris Appleton. “We made it more of a silvery white which I think gives it a really cool unexpected edge,” Appleton said to Elle when she first saw her.

While Megan’s latest hue has a bit more depth in the base than Kim’s had in the past it’s clear that two women took a page from the exact same book.

“Damn the Kardashians got to her,” one of her followers posted on her blog. “Wait I though this was Kim Kardashian,” another user wrote. Another user commented: “Kim Kardashian feelings.”

There’s no doubt that Kourtney Kardashian influence isn’t too far away It’s evident that Megan is having more fun with her family over the last few months, mostly in the company of Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney Kardashian is the Transformers actor’s partner, Machine Gun Kelly, and Kourtney’s boyfriend, Travis Barker, are close friends and collaborate on music.

Not just was it the case that Megan as well as Kourtney present their significant others during the MTV Video Music Awards, they also appeared in an Skims commercial together.

“Megan and Kourtney have grown closer as friends over the last two months,” an insider revealed to DailyGossip on September. “They behave as if they’re best friends when together. Kourtney has spent much more time Megan than her sisters. It’s because Megan is Travis are inseparable, and Travis as well as Machine Gun Kelly are very close. Hence, they usually take their friends along to give out.”

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