Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Will Have A Baby

With Megan Fox being one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood, there’s no wonder why the rumor of her having her first baby went viral over the internet. RadarOnline had a story back in March, but the report wasn’t confirmed. Now E! News has another source that claims Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green will have a baby.

If E! News’ source is for real, then Megan Fox’ is just months away before making her dream come true. She’s already a mom to her husband’s son, the 10 year old Kassius, but Megan Fox hasn’t been hiding behind the finger. She wants a family and kids. At least two of them as she confessed at one point to Cosmopolitan.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Megan Fox said: “I’ve always wanted kids. It’s just about the timing being right”. She added that she’s working to put in the bank a certain amount of money she considers to be just enough to protect the child’s future, “so that kid never struggles”.

Apparently 2012 was the right time. The actress did have some considerable income coming from “The Transformers” series so the child’s bank account should be at least close to the number Megan Fox had in mind.

RadarOnline was the first to start the rumors regarding Megan Fox’ pregnancy, but since March nobody else brought any backup sources or evidence. Last month, RadarOnline got the scoop from a source close to Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: “They just found out and are incredibly excited. It’s still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members”.

E! News claims this Monday another source confirmed that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green will have a baby. So far, the rumor hasn’t been confirmed by any of the two stars’ rep but if the reports are true, then for Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green this is just the beginning. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the actress confessed that she might want even three kids, seeing that she has “always been maternal”.

So, with that in the open, all that’s left now is watch out for Megan Fox’ baby bump.

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