Mega Million Winners Remain Unknown

The record breaking jackpot of $656 million was finally won, but the three Mega Million winners remain unknown for the moment as they did not claim the prize. According to the Associated Press, the three lucky Mega Million players will share the jackpot, so each one of them will take $218 million apiece before taxes.

The unbelievably big sum of money that the Mega Million Lottery has managed to raise since the last time the jackpot was won has left the entire nation day dreaming about the possibility of becoming winners. This miracle eventually happened on Monday when three individuals from various states of the country guessed the lucky numbers. They will thus divide the big prize of $656 million in three and each one of them will receive $218 million.

So far, so good, but there seems to be a little problem: none of the three winners has showed up to claim his/her part of the prize. As a result, people have begun to doubt their existence. Mega Million officials, on the other hand, claim that they have identified the location of the three winning tickets. According to them, the lucky persons come from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland.

The local rules claim that the two winners from Illinois and Maryland have several months to claim the prize, whereas in Kansas the period could last up to one year. When it comes to the identity of the winners, the states of Maryland and Kansas will keep their names anonymous. Illinois, on the other hand, will reveal the name of the winner in the following months.

The organizers of the extraction told the press that the Monday jackpot was even bigger than they had estimated. According to their calculations, the prize was supposed to amount to $640 million, but ticket sales have increased its value to $656 million. The three tickets matched the exact numbers that have been extracted, that is, 2-4-23-38-46, as well as the Mega Ball 23.

It is believed that the person who has won the ticket in Maryland is a McDonald’s employee, but lottery spokeswoman Carole Everett did not confirm the rumor. The same thing happened in Illinois where people claim that the jackpot was won by a convenience store in the small town of Red Bud, St. Louis.

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