Meet Pope Benedict XVI’s “Green” Holly Roller

Pope Benedict XVI decided it was time to upgrade his Popemobile by adapting it to the requirements of the modern era. According to Reuters, the leader of the Catholic Church replaced his old vehicle with a “green” car produced by Renault.

Being the Sovereign of the Vatican City State and the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI understands how important it is to set an example for the rest of the world. As a consequence, the reps of the Vatican State have announced at the end of last week that the well-known Popemobile has been replaced with an eco-friendly version produced by French car maker Renault.

The company chose to donate the car knowing that it will benefit from lots of publicity once the Pope takes it for a spin. The custom-made electric car will be seen this summer at Pope Benedict’s summer residence at Castel Gandolfo. The pontiff chose this “green” vehicle because he knew he would have to travel this summer and he wanted to limit his impact on the environment.

Renault has done everything to make sure that Pope Benedict XVI will feel both comfortable and safe as he travels in his new Popemobile. The car has been decorated with the Papal coat of arms on the doors and it was endowed with a 44 kilowatt electric motor and lithium-ion battery. Thanks to these features, the new Popemobile can travel up to 170 kilometers without recharging.

The Vatican Corps of Gendarmerie could soon receive their own customized vehicle, according to Renault’s spokespersons. The cars are very similar to the one produced for the Pope, with the only difference that they present a blue livery and a white and yellow stripe along each side.

The Popemobile that was used until now was inspired by Mercedes-Benz M-Class because it was foreseen with bulletproof windows. The new vehicles have already been handed to the Vatican City State by Renault head Carlos Ghosn. He stated that French coach builder Gruau has helped Renault shape the new Popemobile.

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