Meet Pebble’s new smartwatch

Pebble decided to present a new smartwatch, after last year’s Pebble Steel. The new smartwatch is called Pebble Time and comes with a microphone and a color screen. Unveiled today, the newest Pebble watch isn’t a watch that makes a huge crowd in front of the shop, like Apple Watch or other devices that run Google’s Android Wear software. However, it has a nice design and it costs only 179 dollars.

Pebble Time resembles to the original Pebble: almost toy-like design and a simple plastic-looking. When CEO Eric Migicovsky unveiled the white model, everyone thought that it is a Casio watch crossed with a Tamagotchi. The difference from the previous Pebbles is mostly linked to software and also a few hardware tweaks, but in rest it is almost the similar with this previous release. It is compatible with 6,500 Pebble. The question is if these changes are enough for an increasingly-crowded smartwatch market?

Like previous Pebbles, the Pebble Time promises that its battery life can go up to seven days. It is shower and swim-friendly and it comes with physical buttons. One of the best parts is that it has a color e-paper display that has a better refresh rate than Qualcomm’s Mirasol screens. Pebble Time is capable of 30 frames per second animation and it’s meant to look good in everyday light. Pebble Time comes with 20 percent thinner body, with a slightly curved design and a stainle-steel bezel. Unfortunately, it still looks chunky, but it has a Gorilla Glass-covered display, which is a good thing because it will protect it from scratches. Compared with the previous version of Pebble, the new watch design is more cozy and toy-like, which is a good thing.

The Pebble Time will be available in three colors at first: black, white and red. It also has a microphone, which allows voice-to-text translation and it is perfect for quick responses to messages. In 2015, it will be a huge battle on the smartwatch market. Will Pebble Time be a good competitor for Apple Watch or other watches that come with Google’ Android Wear software?

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