Media Reacts To Margaret Thatcher’s Death

The former Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, passed away on Monday at the age of 87. The official statement was issued by Thatcher’s spokesperson, Lord Bell, a few hours after the death occurred. The media and various public figures were the first to react to the former Prime Minister’s death, Daily Mirror informs.

Based on the declaration provided by Margaret Thatcher’s spokesperson, the death of the Conservative PM was caused by a stroke following a lengthy period of recuperation after a surgical intervention sustained around Christmas. The late Baroness spent the last 24 hours of her life at Ritz, the five-star hotel in central London. She was moved here because she had become too frail to be kept in her home in Belgravia.

Carol Thatcher, Margaret’s daughter, flew from her home in the Alps to be by her mother’s side on Sunday afternoon. She and her brother, Mark, will take care of the funeral ceremony settled for next week, according to the spokesperson’s declarations. The Baroness will receive a sumptuous ceremony, which is just one step below the state funeral, as a sign of her appreciation. The Queen was very saddened by the news of Thatcher’s death and, therefore, announced her intentions to send a private message to the family in the following days.

David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister, was among the first personalities who issued a statement in relation to Margaret Thatcher’s death. He reminded people that the Baroness has to be celebrated for the “lion-hearted love” she showed to the country and the population. “We’ve lost a great leader, a great Prime Minister and a great Briton”, Cameron stated. He further added that it was due to the efforts that the Iron Lady made that Britain managed to stand tall again even though the country was on its knees when she was first elected. David Cameron described the late Baroness as the “patriot Prime Minister”.

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