McDonald Clown To Retire

After 40 years in the business, the popular McDonald clown, Ronald, is forced to retire due to accusations that he promotes an unhealthy food brand, pushing kids to eat French fries and hamburgers.

Ronald McDonald of one of the world’s most recognizable clowns and has been the fast food chain’s mascot since 1971. Now, Nutrition advocates ask the company to renounce him, not because he may be scary, but because he promotes unhealthy food, which contributes to global child obesity. In the United States one third of the population is obese and about half of it is overweight. In the last decades, the number pf obese children has risen as well, reaching 17%.

Health experts want Ronals and his friends out of the way of the children. Yes, they are not only asking Ronald to retire, but also his friends, The Hamburglar, Grimace, Mayor McCheese and Captain Crook. They say the company still sells french fires in Happy Meals and al other kid-friendly meals. Corporate Accountability International is leading the charge and is planning to introduce a resolution in order for the clown to retire so there wil be no temptation for the children to eat at McDonalds.
One of the most important sustainers of the reslution, who also took part in creating it, is professor Steven Rothschild, from Rush Medical College. He asked the clown’s retirement on a demanding and aggressive tone: “Stop making the next generation sick; retire Ronald and the rest of your junk food marketing to kids.”

McDonalds argues that the clown does not force children to pick certain foods, on the contrary, he promotes ideas of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Plus, the meal for kids now contail apple dippers and low fat milk. “Ronald is an ambassador for good and delivers important messages to kids on safety, literacy and balanced, active lifestyles” says a statement from the fast food chain’s representatives.

Do you agree with the resolution? What do you think will change in children’s nutrition if Ronald McDonald ceases to appear?

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