May Andersen Gets Job At Art Gallery And Playboy

If you’re looking for a job at a contemporary art gallery, but you’re not exactly having success, maybe you should learn a little bit from model May Andersen. The 29 year old had a very good month. May Andersen managed to get a job at an art gallery in Manhattan and score a Playboy cover girl in May’s issue.

Oftentimes, art assistants and Playboy cover girls don’t go that well together. But, it seems that May Andersen found the secret recipe to combine these two together without controversy. The Danish supermodel scored a job as assistant director at the Hole, one of the most popular contemporary art galleries that New York’s Manhattan has to offer.

As if it wasn’t confusing enough to understand what a super model is doing as assistant director at “one of New York’s most respected avant-garde galleries”, this May’s Playboy issue features May Andersen nude. Even if the May Playboy cover hints to the art world, the question remains: What is May Andersen actually doing at the Hole?

In Playboy’s issue, May Andersen spreads it on a bench next to a Barry McGee sculpture and near the pool of a luxury home at the top of the Palm Springs hill. Playboy reporter wrote it was “hard to maintain eye contact” with May Andersen wearing a “black micro-miniskirt, snug angora sweater and vertically striped garter-belted stockings”.

The magazine asked May about the gig with the art gallery. The Danish super model explained: “Basically, I’m 29 now, which is old in model years, and around the time I started thinking about what I wanted to do next, this opportunity came up”.

Furthermore, as the model herself explains the art gallery is going to reap the benefits from her Playboy cover. In the end, she is the only “member of the art world (that) has ever been on the cover of Playboy”. May Andersen added: “I wanted people to know the gallery is behind me… and this is a way to reach a broader audience. We feel that everyone should know about art. This way we’ll get some people into the gallery who like Playboy.”

So one question remains: will you go check out the Hole only to take a peek at the stunning Miss Andersen?

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