Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are not Separating

Commonly, a series of rumors are linked to celebrity couples. The latest famous couple to be under the radar is formed by Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves. Recent rumors indicated that the two plan on separating, as they are dealing with serious marital problems. 

Rumors on Matthew and Camila’s separation first emerged because of a report published by OK! Magazine. According to the magazine, the separation was indicated by the fact that Camila started to make more and more TV appearances and apparently this is not something that Matthew likes. According to reports, the famous actor does not want his wife to enjoy the same success in her career as he does. 

“He’d rather she focus on family life,” an insider said. “At this point, they have major problems to work through,” it went on to add. Reports cited some of the couple’s friends, who said that they really feared that Camila and Matthew were going to end their romance. 

Well, luckily for the pair, it seems that all these rumors were false after all. A rep for the actor denied the reports and claimed that Camila and Matthew are not going to separate. A Gossip Cop source, allegedly a friend close to the actor, also denied the rumors, saying that the Hollywood star has always been really supportive to his wife and everything that she does. 

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves have been married for three years now. The pair got married in 2012, after dating for no less than six years. The two are parents to three children. Since Camila and Matthew have a really beautiful marriage, it would surely be a pity to see them ending their romance. It is yet to discover if the rumors were true after all or everything was false. 

Meanwhile, Matthew remains much focused on his career and his extremely successful roles. The star is well known for his impressive performances, out of which the role in Dallas Buyers Club should definitely be mentioned. Previously, Matthew claimed to be really happy with the welcoming of his new child and claimed that his marriage to Camila was an “adventure that we’re taking together.”

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