Matt Bomer comes out of the closet

The news that Matt Bomer has come out of the closet has most likely devastated many of his female fans who were secretly hoping to win the actor’s heart. According to a recent report in E! the “White Collar” star admitted that he is gay during the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards in Palm Springs which was held during the weekend. Bomer thanked his longtime partner, Hollywood publicist Simon Halls and their three children upon the receipt of his Desert AIDS Project Award, thus letting anyone know his sexual preferences.

Matt Bomer was honored with a Desert AIDS Project Award on February 11 due to the contribution he has brought to the AIDS fight. As he walked on stage to receive his prize, the 35-year-old actor indirectly stated that he is gay when he thanked his partner Simon. He also mentioned their kids, Kit, Walker and Henry for teaching him what unconditional love is. The actor concluded his speech by saying that his family is his “proudest accomplishment”.

We don’t know what exactly determined Matt Bomer to come out of the closet, but we suspect it has something to do with his most recent movie, an adaptation of Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart”. Bomer will play the part of a gay journalist who contracts HIV in the film which was produced Ryan Murphy. The production is expected to make a good impression among filmgoers and film critics as the book received the New Generation Arts & Activism Award for its work in the fight against the disease.

Matt Bomer confessed that he was deeply impressed by the discoveries he has made while studying his role for the movie. He became familiar with all the efforts that non-profit organizations make to prevent HIV infection. Given these circumstances, the actor was very proud to receive the award on Saturday.

Even though he didn’t admit that he was gay until now, the 35-year-old star was the main supporter of many gay causes, such as, the Trevor Project and GLSEN. He also starred with George Clooney in “Stage Show 8” produced by Dustin Lance Black, a movie about the California trial which led to the elimination of the same-sex marriage ban.

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  1. I have known for ages that Matt was gay…Loved him
    anyway…Just as I love John Barrowman who has
    been out always.
    Nobody’s business who they love.

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