Matt Bellamy Wants to Record in Galactic spacecraft

Rocker Matt Bellamy has big plans for his music career. He wants that the next step for Muse to be in outer space. The band’s frontman wants to record on the Virgin Galactic spacecraft of bazillionaire Richard Branson.

Remember the animated movie “Barbie and the Rock Stars”? Barbie had an ambition that most of the music artists have at some point: to do something out of this world. So she wants to organize a concert, a live one, transmitted from outer space, where she and her band would perform. Well, the Muse has similar plans. Matt Bellamy, the lead man, says the band aims to rock somewhere in a spacecraft, launched in space.

Matt Bellamy spoke to ContactMusic about his future plans. He said that he and his band mates are “trying to blag a free trip on it”. He is striving to convince Richard Branson to use his spacecraft in order to record a song or to make a music video. Asked if he would be scared recording out of this world he said that “I think I’ll be alright.”. Earlier in the spring, Bellamy made the first public announcement regarding his plans. As reports, the singer said at the Ivor Novello Awards that Muse aims to be “the first band to play in outer space. We gave Richard Branson one of our songs for an airline advert, so we’ve got our foot in the door.”

Bellamy, 33, who recently became the father of a healthy beautiful baby boy, has one more reason to ask for more from life. He and fiancée, actress Kate Husdon, 32,  became parents of their first baby together. The actress has one more son, Ryder, who is 7 years old. Hudson’s representative said that the family is very happy and one insider tells Us Weekly that they “look adorable together.” Maybe now Matt’s baby could be the first baby in outer space in a music video.

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