Massive Tornado Hits Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Tuesday was just not the right day to find yourself within Texas, especially within the Dallas – Fort Worth area. The National Weather Service issued warnings of several tornadoes that would leave behind considerable damage. Now, one day after the massive tornado that hit Dallas – Fort Worth and Texas all that’s left to do is start cleaning up the considerable damage.

Yesterday’s tornadoes have been caught on video and film. One particular footage shows exactly how powerful a tornado can be and the damage it can cause within seconds. CNN aired a video showing 18 – wheeler tractor trailers simply being lifted in the air only to get smacked down.

In south Dallas, a Lancaster local television team caught on tape the damage a tornado managed to pull out within seconds. Associated Press reports that homes remained without roofs, buildings were flattened, cars were pushed into fences and tree “branches and limbs were scattered across lawns and in the streets”.

In the Eastern Dallas County the warnings received from the National Weather Service were concerning: “meteorologists confirmed a large and dangerous tornado near Hutchins. This is a dangerous situation…seek shelter now!!This is a tornado emergency for Dallas and Hutchins!”

Reuters writes that about a dozen tornadoes ravaged through the Dallas – Fort Worth area yesterday, leaving behind massive damage, 17 people injured and 6.3 million residents that are now trying to reassess their situation.

For authorities in Dallas it was a breath of fresh air since despite the intensity of the storm nobody got killed. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told CNN: “We dodged a big bullet…It really is a miracle”.

At the Dallas – Fort Worth International Airport, passengers were asked to stay away from the glass windows and to seek shelter at the designated storm areas. Officials with the airport tried to contain the situation as best as they could so they won’t stir up panic. They even sent their message on Twitter to make sure everybody got the news.

But the storm did damage about 110 planes and thousands of passengers remained stranded as 400 flights had to be canceled, while another 40 incoming flights had to be diverted.

Reuters points out that this year the tornado season started early. So far tornadoes have caused 57 deaths in Midwest and South.

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