Mary J. Blige Says she Overcame Cocaine Addiction

A rep for famous singer Mary J. Blige dismissed the rumors indicating that the star was back to using cocaine. It all started with a video shared online, which came with the caption “Mary J. Blige is back on that cocaine again.” The media outlet which shared the video suggested that the star was high on drug while dancing in the video they shared. 

Well, Mary J. Blige’s representative hurried to dismiss the story and claimed that the allegation is not true and the truth is that the media outlet has nothing to back their story. Mary J. Blige revealed for the first time that she was batting with drug addiction back in 2013. Then, the singer claimed that childhood abuse and depression made her turn to the drug and develop the addiction. Overcoming drug addiction has been anything but simple for the star. 

“It only happened once, but after that there was so much else in my childhood that happened. So many dark moments-which all added up and that’s what sprung on the drug addiction, trying to numb it all with the drugs,” Mary J. Blige confessed back then. Actually, Mary J. Blige made the shocking revelation that she was in fact high on cocaine when she won her first Grammy Award, back in 1995. 

Well, at some point in her life, the star realized that what was doing was extremely wrong and she needed to find a way to beat the addiction. In fact, a crucial moment for the musician has been the death of another famous star, Whitney Houston. “Her death is another reason I stopped. I really do think I’m done. I looked at how that woman could not perform anymore,” Mary J. Blige said.

Following this tragic moment, the star managed to motivate herself and managed to make order in her life. The star claimed that she underwent rehab, but what gave her the power that she needed was her faith in God. The singer sought God and decided to pray, while her faith helped her stay on the right path. And it seems that the singer has managed to remain on that path, despite the claims of this new report. 

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