Mary Barra Claims that Safety is Most Important Now

The CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra claims that the most important thing for the company now is safety. According to her, safety actually is more important than cost. 

Mary Barra talked about the case involving General Motors and the charges that the famous automaker has been facing. General Motors decided to recall no less than 2.6 million cars, linked to the ignition switch issue. The problem in these vehicles has been linked to 13 deaths so far.

After the recall of this impressive number of cars in February, it has been claimed that General Motors actually knew about this problem, but they failed to react in the proper amount of time. The popular automaker is now under investigation, so it is yet to find out what will happen. The federal law says that automakers have a certain amount of time to notify the National Highway Traffic Administration about the problem. 

It has been said that General Motors knew about the issue since 2004, but they failed to react. Mary Barra, however said, that she only found out about the ignition switch problem in January. “We don’t condone it, but with any safety defect, there is no calculation of the cost,” the current CEO of General Motors said.  

Marry Barra said that General Motors needed to conduct an internal investigation to find out what happened, until they decided to recall the cars that might have the ignition switch problem. Having under consideration that Marry Barra is the CEO of General Motors since January, it may even seem that she actually has to apologize for the old GM. 

This means that the strategy that Mary Barra has adopted is based on the idea of a New GM, which is extremely preoccupied in making things right. No matter how much this will cost the company. Barra is actually trying really hard to put the company on a good position. 

Mary Barra was questioned by lawmakers on the case involving the ignition switch defect. The CEO said that GM needs to do a better job and this is something they are focused on. 

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