Marvel Unveils Thor as a Woman

Marvel managed to shock the whole world when they unveiled Thor as a woman. So, the character that has become widely known and beloved by fans from all over the world, since 1962, will now be a woman. 

The official announcement was made by Marvel Comics on Tuesday. Marvel claimed that the comic book superhero that is based on the Norse hammer-wilding god will be a lady. Marvel said that they actually chose to make this change in an effort to bring new readers to this story. Marvel wants to bring women in their stories, which have actually been commonly ignored in comics. 

Naturally, this is a really big change at Marvel and a huge change for fans from all over the world. “This is not She-Thor,” a statement from Marvel revealed. “This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is Thor.” Well, Marvel seem really determined to make this change and so, it is yet to see how fans will receive it. The new series is said to make its debut in October. 

Until now, it seems that comic book fans have not received that well the news. Many fans took Marvel’s Facebook page to show their lack of approval for this latest move. What fans criticized most is the fact that Marvel will change now one of their childhood heroes. 

It is speculated that a mysterious blonde woman has taken over the hammer of Thor. Initially, it has been claimed the she is a long-lost relative, but Marvel said that she is Thor. This made some fans accuse Marvel of taking feminism too far. However, other fans received the news with curiosity, waiting to find out what story authors will share to explain how the god has become a goddess. 

Thor was initially created as a comic book by Stan Lee. The story has been subject to no less than two blockbuster movies, which have made more than $1.1 billion at the box office. Without a doubt, the story has been extremely successful. The image that fans currently have of Thor is the one of famous actor Chris Hemsworth in this role. 

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