Martin Short’s Interview With Kathie Lee Gifford Had Epic Fail

Although he is one of the most popular comedians, the interview Martin Short had with Kathie Lee Gifford wasn’t exactly easy to swallow by the end. “Today” co-host Kathie Lee Gifford made during the interview an epic fail.

For any journalist basic prep work ahead of an interview should be innate after a few years. When it comes to the hosts of a show like “Today” failing to do your prep work is going to cost you. Kathie Lee Gifford made a blunder not even a rookie would make these days. She simply failed to research her subject and had Martin Short go through quite an awkward interview.

It was Wednesday morning and NBC’s “Today” show was entering its fourth hour on air when Kathie Lee Gifford and Martin Short sat down for a talk. It soon became awkward as the co-host was trying to figure out what is the secret of the greatest marriage in show business. Martin Short played along but it was obvious that the interview wasn’t going as he’d imagined. Being asked by a show host how’s your marriage and what keeps it going when your wife is dead isn’t exactly easy to go through.

The “Today” co-host asked: “And you and Nancy have one of the greatest marriages of anybody in show business. How many years now for you guys?”. Short replied it’s been 36 years since they got married. Kathie Lee Gifford continued her interview with questions such as “But you are still like, in love?” and “Why?”

Gifford was without a doubt truly lucky she had Martin Short on her interview, otherwise a more acid comedian would have given her quite the show to remember. Martin Short was nice enough to answer her questions and keep it light. He told her him and his wife were still “madly in love, madly in love” and the reason for that is that he is “cute”. To make things worse, Gifford concluded her uncomfortable set of questions with a conclusion: “and you make each other laugh”.

Between commercials, the “Today” co-host found out that she messed up really bad. She told the audience: “I feel so badly”. On Twitter she wrote: “I send my sincerest apologies to @MartinShort and his family. He handled situation w/enormous grace and kindness and I’m so grateful”.

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