Martha Stewart’s daughter releases tell-all book about her childhood

Alexis Stewart, the daughter of Martha Stewart, released a tell-all book about her childhood and her relationship with her mother. Far from being a joyful story, “Whateverland” presents the life of a typical rich child raised in an unaffectionate family environment.

In an excerpt to the media, Alexis writes that she grew up “with a glue gun pointed to my head”. The metaphor was taken seriously and caused a stir. The author had to explain afterwards, that it was just another way of describing the perfectionism of Alexis’ family. “If I didn’t do something perfectly I had to do it again”, she wrote.
On Monday, Alexis, 46, was invited on the “Today” show, where she gave more details on her book and her childhood. She revealed that her mother made her wrap her own presents on Christmas Eve.  ‘Now wrap these but don’t look inside”, Martha would say. Alexis confessed that she wasn’t even interested in peeking, because the presents were never “worth looking”.

One other memory mentioned in “Whateverland” was the one around the time of Halloween. Martha would make all turn off the lights and pretend that they were not home. And when they were, she would give the children who were trick or treating only apples and coins.
One thing that strikes is that, unlike we would expect from a woman who is famous for her cooking shows, in her house you could never find anything to eat. “There were ingredients but no prepared food of any kind”, Alexis wrote.

“Whateverland” is co-authored by entertainer and Alexis’ friend Jennifer Koppelman Hutt and has been released last week.

Martha Stewart, 70, encouraged everyone to buy the book, as “it is hilarious and enlightening and full of funny stories”.

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