Marshall leads AFC to Pro Bowl win

Reuters reports that Brandon Marshall’s outstanding performance helped AFC win the Pro Bowl during the Sunday game which was held at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. Marshall drew everyone’s attention and admiration thanks to his Pro Bowl record of four touchdowns.

The American Football Conference defeated the National Football Conference with a score of 59 to 41. Brandon Marshall was determined to win the Most Valuable Player award which is why he dominated the Sunday game. He told reporters that he did everything he could to accomplish his goal. Moreover, it was an honor for him to play at the Pro Bowl.

The third Pro Bowl competition was full of interesting moments that left viewers begging for the grand finale. The Super Bowl competition which will be held next week will bring the New York Giants and New England Patriots back in the field again.

AFC did not have a good start on Sunday, but the players managed to score 28 straight points and turn the results of the game in their favor. One of the most exciting moments of the evening was when Marshall caught a 47-yard pass from rookie Andy Dalton. The ball ricocheted off an NFC defensive back and hit the wide receiver’s foot before falling into his hands. Later on, Marshall recorded another touchdown and a 29-yard interception return from San Diego’s Eric Weddle.

There were other football players who also contributed to the AFC’s victory. Quarterbacks Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger and Dalton all scored a touchdown during the Hawaiian game.

Brees wanted to show his kicking abilities during the fourth quarter of the match, but the scheme didn’t turn out as he expected it. He wanted to perform a drop kick extra point; unfortunately, he was not able to get the lift he needed. The quarterback told the press that he dropped the ball a little bit too far, which is why he didn’t manage to get the desired outcome. Brees acknowledged his fault and promised fans to make up for the Sunday mistake in his future games.

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