Marrisa Mayer’s Top 3 Challenges As Yahoo’s New CEO

After being appointed Yahoo’s new CEO on Tuesday, Marissa Mayer has to figure out what are the top three challenges she has to take care of. According to the Associated Press, the 37-year-old chief executive doesn’t mind solving complex problems, so she will do her best to restore Yahoo to its leading position.

Marissa Mayer has gathered enough experience as a CEO during the 13 years she has worked for Google. Now she wants to use all this information to help Yahoo get over their financial problems. The quicker she makes a decision, the better as the share prices of the Internet company have dropped considerably in the second quarter of the year. According to their reports, Yahoo’s current revenue is 4 percent smaller than it used to be last year. They have lost 41 percent in the past five years.

Setting up objectives is the best choice to make when redesigning the structure of a weakened company. Mayer is, thus, looking to modernize the enterprise so it can compete with the most powerful companies at present, that is, Facebook and Google. Their task is rather difficult considering that both firms are using Internet advertisement to increase their popularity.

Although Mayer did not make any official statement revealing her immediate plans for the company, analysts have already identified some of the steps she needs to make. According to them, Marissa has to find a good position for Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo’s interim CEO. He has proved he has the ability to run the company, so making him an ally could have positive effects on Yahoo’s stability.

In addition to taking care of Levinsohn, Mayer has to make a correct analysis of Yahoo’s current situation. The report will help her determine how successful Yahoo is on the mobile market in respect to other companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. Her new strategy will be based on the results of the research.

In the end, the 37-year-old chief executive has to recruit young talents so she can apply her new strategy. These young elite computer programmers will help bring the modern touch Yahoo needs to become the best Internet and mobile service provider.

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