Marriage is Over for Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin have separated, while reports reveal that the two have remained good friends. 

It seems that the beautiful marriage between the Iron Man actress and the star of Coldplay has ended, but the separation was a mutual agreement. Naturally, there are a series of reports on what happened between the two and the reasons which have led to the separation. 

Of course, it can’t be simple for Gwyneth and Chris Martin to be in the middle of this change in the public’s eye. A series of rumors on how the two separated are now in the media. Rumors increased as the actress was seen kissing her ex, Donovan Leitch, at a public baseball game. Moreover, Chris was seen attending a party with a beautiful brunette. 

Some reports reveal that the two stars had problems in their relationship for quite some time now. Moreover, it has been reported that there was a dispute between the actress and her husband on the best way to raise their children. Some reports even blame Gwyneth Paltrow’s passion for Kabbalah for the end of this relationship. 

Naturally, numerous times it has been said that the two have had affairs. Of course, this is not something very unusual, as commonly when celebrities separate, speculation emerges on the reasons which might have led to that situation. Still, there are also some reports which even say that Chris Martin is not very happy with the end of this relationship. 

So, according to a source who talked to the Sunday Mirror, Chris Martin says that he actually still loves his wife and he would like the marriage to survive and the two to rediscover the love they have for one another. “Chris still loves Gwyneth and would still like the marriage to survive,” the source said. “He hopes they might be able to rediscover what they had years ago and would love to rebuild their relationship back to what it once was,” it added. 

One day after announcing the split, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were spotted together, having dinner with some friends. Reports indicate that the two still live together, in the same Miami home. 

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