Mark Zuckerberg to Invest Billions to Connect the World

Mark Zuckerberg has a dream: to connect the world to the Internet. And to see that dream coming true, the founder and CEO of Facebook is ready to invest billions to grow the Internet. 

Ever since Facebook purchased Whatsapp it has been claimed that the famous social network has some plans that it did not reveal. Now, it is claimed that these plans actually regard connecting the whole world. The founder of Facebook acquired the instant messaging app for no less than $19 billion. At the time when Whatsapp was bought by Facebook, it had no less than 450 million users. 

However, since the purchase, the popularity of Whatsapp has increased a lot. It has been claimed that the service has now more than 600 million users. And Mark Zuckerberg recently claimed that this number can increase much more than that. The CEO of Facebook said that Whatapp will have in the near future over 3 billion users. 

“We feel a big responsibility to bring the Internet to more people,” Mark recently said at an event he attended in Mexico City. “Even if Facebook has to spend billions of dollars” he added, showing that he has a real interest in making this happen. Facebook currently has more than 1.3 billion users throughout the world. More people connected to the Internet would surely mean more users for the social network.

So, after all Mark Zuckerberg is probably interested in more opportunities for development. Statistics indicate now that about half of the population that connects to the Internet has a Facebook account. Naturally, the more people are connected to the Web, the more users will access Facebook and WhatsApp. 

There is no doubt in the fact that an increase when it comes to users of the Internet will actually mean an important increase in the users of Facebook, so there is no wonder that Mark Zuckerberg shows interest in this project. However, it is yet to see how much the founder of Facebook is willing to invest in making its business even more successful. 

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