Mark Zuckerberg Threatened His Employees

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg used a rather improper method of motivating his employees. A new book reveals that the founder and the boss of Facebook actually used to threaten his staff with chopping off their heads. 

Under-performing staff was threatened by Zuckerberg with a samurai sword. One of the star’s employees revealed that this was a technique that Zuckerberg used when he was 23. The employee claimed that this was an immature management style at the beginning of his work with Facebook. Noah Kagan is the Facebook employee who made all these revelations. 

“He’d pretend to cut you, joking if you take down the site he’ll chop your head off,” the man said. “Where the hell he got that samurai sword, who the hell knows? Luckily, no employees were harmed while I was there,” Noah Kagan explained. Mark was extremely severe with his employees, the new book reveals, detailing a series of moments when the founder of Facebook screamed that the hates the work of his employees. 

The new book, How I Lost $170 Million: My Time as #30, details the entire story of Noah Kagan as employee #30. Kagen worked at Facebook for 8 months, back in 2006, after which he was fired from the famous social network. He should have won 0.1% share in the firm. Now, that is estimated to no less than $101 million. 

In the book, readers can discover a series of stories from Facebook and how life was for the employees of the famous company at its beginnings. It shows that Mark Zuckerberg threatened to cut employees, threw water over an engineer’s computer and screamed that his work was wrong and he had to do everything all over again. 

As expected, Mark Zuckerberg made absolutely no comments regarding the new book. A spokesperson for the CEO of Facebook declined to comment. It is yet to find out if Mark Zuckerberg really treated his employees like that when the social network was first created. A statement from the owner of Facebook is expected now, regarding the new book and all the revelations it makes. 

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