Mark Zuckerberg Says WhatsApp will Reach 3 Billion Users

The popularity of WhatsApp is without a doubt undeniable. However, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg has some plans that may grow even higher the popularity of this messaging service. 

The CEO and founder of Facebook said that a tie-up with the famous social networking site could actually help WhatsApp reach two to three billion users. However, Zuckerberg claimed that despite the move, WhatsApp will remain an independent service. 

Facebook impressed the whole world when it announced the deal for the purchase of WhatsApp. So, the social network paid no less than $19 billion in cash for the instant messaging service. At the time when Facebook made this important purchase, WhatsApp had no less than 450 million users. The deal indicated back then that Facebook will bring no changes to the messaging app, although everyone expected to see why the social network planned when making the buy. 

Well, now Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he plans on growing the service. “I think we’re going to have an opportunity for WhatsApp to connect two or three billion people because by working with us they’re just now going to have so many more resources and opportunities,” the CEO of Facebook claimed during a recent appearance. 

The purpose is bigger than what people may initially believe. So, what Facebook wants is to connect millions of people from all over the world. Everyone in the world can be connected “even if it means that Facebook has to spend billions of dollars over the next decade making this happen,” Mark said. The CEO of Facebook also revealed that his company is working with Internet service providers with the purpose to help more people connect. 

Mark Zuckerberg made all these revelations during his appearance at an event in Mexico City. This event was organized by the Telmex Foundation, owned by Carlos Slim. At this point there are no details on whether Facebook has a deal with Slim’s company. His phone company is the biggest Internet provider in Mexico. Maybe the two will join forces for this project. 

“I believe that… when everyone is on the internet all of our businesses and economies will be better,” Mark Zuckerberg concluded.

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