Mark Zuckerberg has a Wax Figure

Mark Zuckerberg officially has a wax figure. However, many reports seem to describe it as really creepy. In fact, a thing that was pointed out by many reports shows that Mark’s wax figure actually is barefoot, for whatever reason. 

Naturally, the wax figure of the famous founder of Facebook was unveiled at the Madame Tussauds Fisherman’s Wharf museum. Fans of the star will be able to visit it. Starting with June 26, the museum is scheduled to officially open. 

The founder of the famous and highly popular social network is shown in the wax figure wearing blue jeans, a navy T-shirt, as well as a maroon sweatshirt, which is not something unusual for Mark. In fact, the clothing is absolutely similar to what Mark has used us. The star is shown sitting cross-legged on a chair. 

However, here comes the aspect that has been debated so far. Mark is shown barefoot. He is working on a laptop featuring no brand on, but which has a similar design with Apple’s products. The fact that makers have chosen to create a wax figure of the star barefoot is described as curious as possible. Mark is smiling looking quite happy in his wax figure. 

The star of Facebook is accompanied by wax figures of famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio and of popular and beautiful singer Rihanna. He is actually sitting between the two stars, which makes things even more awkward. While Mark Zuckerberg’s wax figure is shown in really causal dressing, Leonardo DiCaprio’s figure is perfectly elegant, in a suit and tie. 

Rihanna looks like posing for a concert, sexy and elegant, at the same time. From this point of view, many critics claim that the location chosen for the wax figure of Mark Zuckerberg was highly inappropriate. However, it seems that fans just love the wax figure of the star. Many have went to visit Mark Zuckerberg at the museum, taking photos with the star, which naturally ended up on social media sources, of course including Facebook. 

If you want to take a selfie of yourself with Mark Zuckerberg, this might be the perfect occasion, at the Fisherman’s Wharf Museum in San Francisco.   

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