Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Account Deleted

So what happens when you share your first and last name with a celebrity? You eventually get banned. Not because you might have done something wrong, but because you are very likely to be accused of false identity. This is what happened to an attorney who had the same name as the co-founder of Facebook. He tried to make a Facebook account and it got deleted.

Mark Zuckerberg is an attorney that lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. And for him, getting his own Facebook account was a great deal of work and time spent sending copies of papers and identity proof that he is who he is. Facebook asked him for a copy of his driving license and birth certificate to the offices. Yahoo news says he even went through much trouble to set up a website in which he explains in detail his awkward identity. crisis.

It all started very simple. Mark Zuckerberg, the attorney, created a Facebook account. The account was deleted in a short time after being created. The attorney contacted Facebook and asked why that had happened. Facebook replied that it was “false identity”. But before erasing his account, Zuckerberg the attorney went through a more unusual experience. People believed it was the account of the famous Mark Zuckerberg and he started receiving tons of friendship requests each day. The vast majority of the persons who sent requests only wanted to have the popular Facebook co-founder in their friends lists.

The less famous Mark Zuckerberg isn’t such a common person either. He has written several books on law and has his own personal business: an office specialized in bankruptcy. Although Facebook had the possibility to verify his identity and it did, that wasn’t enough, however. Facebook decided that the account will be deleted, which it was, at least for now. The attorney hopes that this identity problem will be solved in no time.

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder benefits from multiple accounts and pages that offer information about him and the opportunity of communicating with the most curious fans. The most popular page of him has over 4 million users that “Like” it. And everything that is posted on his wall is liked by thousands of people every time. The price of being famous …

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