Mark Zuckerberg Called Obama on Scandals Regarding Surveillance Programs

Mark Zuckerberg is not happy at all with the recent scandals that have occurred involving surveillance programs of the US government. Reports reveal that the CEO of Facebook went to call Obama. 

So, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg called Obama with the main purpose to express his frustration on the serious damage that US government surveillance programs can cause. The famous founder of Facebook claimed to be both frustrated and confused on these actions. 

“When our engineers work tirelessly to improve security, we imagine we’re protecting you against criminals, not our own government,” Mark posed on his Facebook page. He also said that the government should be more transparent about all these issues. It is not that curious that a reaction from Mark Zuckerberg came now, having under consideration the latest reports on the surveillance of the government. 

So, the post comes only a day after news surfaced on the methods that the NSA uses when it comes to surveillance. Reports revealed that the agency pretended to be Facebook to infect with malware thousands of computers. While NSA has already said that these reports are inaccurate, the doubt still exists. 

Mark Zuckerberg made no mention in his post about the agency, but it is highly probable that this post referred to the surveillance methods used by the NSA. 

Moreover, it seems that Mark spoke to Obama about this issue. Caitlin Hayden confirmed that the president talked to the CEO of Facebook on Wednesday. So, apparently Mark Zuckerberg did not wait for too long until talking to the President of the United States. Naturally, no other comments on this subject were made at this point. 

Although now Mark Zuckerberg talked directly to Obama, this is not the first time when tech companies show frustration regarding the spying methods used by various governmental agencies. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter and LinkedIn, were all vocal against the practice of collecting data from Internet communications. 

All these companies worry that people will stop trusting their services, if they know that everything they do is monitored by agencies. Actually, Mark Zuckerberg claims that agencies need to be more transparent on what they are doing, as otherwise “people will believe the worse.”

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