Mark Davis might move Raiders to L.A.

San Francisco Chronicle managed to interview the Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis on Tuesday and find out where he plans to move the team. Based on his declarations, Mark Davis does not exclude the option of moving the Raiders to L.A.

The team used to play in Los Angeles in the 1980s, so the Raiders told the press that they are considering moving back there in a couple of years. The new General Manager, Reggie McKenzie agrees with this change because he used to play there as a linebacker for the Raiders.

Mark Davis didn’t deny the rumors; on the contrary, he stated that there is a possibility to move to L.A. Moreover, the Raiders are in such a need of an arena that they would practically move anywhere there is a stadium. So far, Davis has had discussions with groups in Los Angeles and with the San Francisco 49ers to convince them to share the Santa Clara amphitheater.

Davis underlined the importance of getting a stadium for the Raiders. He further added that the sports world is very competitive; therefore, the team needs a spacious field where players can compete with more powerful teams. Finding an arena is, in Davis’ point of view, the first condition that must be fulfilled for the Raiders to obtain better results.

Sharing a stadium in Los Angeles or Santa Clara is the second preference of the team. The management would rather build a stadium on the team’s current Coliseum site off Interstate 880. For that, CEO Amy Trask has discussed with Oakland officials in the hope that they will get Raiders out of their outdated home.

The new coliseum will also improve the financial situation of the team, owner Davis said on Tuesday. Having a new stadium is what enables other teams to offer more money to their players.

McKenzie stated in an interview with the press that bringing Carson Palmer to Raiders in this period is a good move. Despite this, the new General Manager did not make any comments in relation to Palmer’s evolution except for the fact that he considers him a good quarterback.

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  1. Oh great! just what LA needs. A team that got booted for being total thugs returns, to add to the other thugs at Staples Centre. When they win, they’ll kill people. When they lose, they’ll burn down city hall. *eyeroll*

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