Mariah Carey Wants James Packer Back

It seems that famous singer Mariah Carey may want her former boyfriend, James Packer, back. According to the latest rumors, the star has reached out to James, although it remains quite unclear what does this mean. 

The news was reported by NW Magazine, which claimed that Mariah has reached out to James because she wants him to help her regain her career. The report indicated that Mariah is going through some difficult times, as the star decided to take some time off following her lip-sync issues on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. The report also said that the famous singer’s business is dealing with some issues because she is battling Dick Clark Production. 

However, her career issues may not be all that Mariah is dealing with. An insider told NW Magazine that Mariah is also feeling sorry that things ended between her and James. The report indicated that it talked to a friend of the singer, who revealed that Mariah is “filled with regret over James.” The same report claimed that the star is aware of the fact that she might be to blame for the end of their romance. 

“She knows she drove him away, but he’s so powerful and knows how to run a successful business – and right now her business, which is ‘Mariah Carey’ is in trouble.” The source also claimed that Mariah was actually advised by her manager, Stella Bulochnikov, to create a big drama with James with the purpose to raise the overall interest on the singer’s new reality show, Mariah’s World. 

However, this did not work out as expected. “Everything went crazy when she started filing her reality TV show,” the insider said. “Stella insisted she create drama with James for the show and he didn’t think it was a good move for her.” The insider also said that James and Stella disagreed when it comes to what was best for Mariah’s career and this was one of the reasons leading to James and Mariah’s separation. 

Well, it seems that the report is not true after all, as a representative for Mariah denied the claims. 

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