Mariah Carey To Get $18M for “American Idol”

When it comes to negotiations, Mariah Carey could teach the other divas a few lessons. The singer managed to get $18 million for her first year as a judge on the “American Idol”, says Hollywood Life.

Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears have caused many celebrities to turn green with envy when they revealed the figures of their talent show contracts. Mariah Carey, however, has silenced everyone in the show industry when she declared on Tuesday that she was going to get $18 million for her collaboration with the “American Idol”. This sum of money is only valid for her first year at the judges’ desk, so Carey’s contract is a lot better than the ones of the other judges.

Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears used to be the best paid stars in talent shows until today. The Latin diva received $12 million for her first year on the show, whereas Spears obtained $15 million to fulfill her duties on FOX’s “X Factor”.

Last week, Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon told the press that producers will have to make a bigger offer if they want the “Dreamlover” singer to appear on the show. Nobody believed “American Idol” producers will offer a bigger payday to Mariah, especially since there were many other celebrities willing to feature on the show; however, the 42-year-old singer succeeded in obtaining a significant sum of money. Cannon initially suggested that producers should pay around $22 million, but they agreed that $18 million was more appropriate for the singer’s responsibility as the new “American Idol” judge.

Mariah Carey released a statement on Monday to announce her participation on the broadcast. She told fans that she is very excited to start collaborating with the FOX team. The singer thinks her new experience will not only be fun, but also rewarding because she will be able to use her skills as a songwriter, musician and producer to find new talents.

Carey did not miss the opportunity to promote her new single “Triumphant” which is expected to be released next month. She announced her fans that she is now working to finish her new album and is very excited to use her creativity for the show.

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